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SMS/Text Message Marketing

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Reach people no matter where they are with text message marketing.

SMS/text message campaigns for small business marketing.

SMS, known to most people simply as text messaging, is without question one of the most effective and least expensive forms of marketing available today. Regardless of the type, practically all mobile phones today have the ability to send and receive text messages. In fact, texting is now the most common form of communication in the U.S. among mobile users. When you consider that 98% of all sent text messages are read, and on average they are read within 4 minutes of being received, it is easy to see the effectiveness of SMS marketing.

The power of SMS/text message marketing goes far beyond simply being able to send someone a text message about your business. With it, you have the ability to create a database of customers that want to hear from your business. Your database of interested customers can grow exponentially as they in turn resend your marketing message to their family and friends. With SMS, you have the ability to send a marketing message to your customers in real-time, any time, and can be confident that it will be seen. And unlike other forms of marketing and advertising, with SMS marketing you have the ability to affect and impact your business, not within days or weeks, but literally within hours or minutes.

Our robust SMS marketing platform allows you to:

>> Notify your customers about special offers and deals in real-time
>> Attach a mobile coupon and track redemptions
>> Create Text-to-Win campaigns
>> Create a mobile poll or questionnaire and obtain valuable customer feedback
>> Remind customers about appointments and be notified of their response
>> Simultaneously post to Facebook and Twitter and increase opt-ins
>> Remain in the minds of your customers and be relevant

Our SMS dashboard allows you to schedule your text campaigns in advance and have your messages sent automatically at the date and time that you choose. You are also able to view the number of subscribers, create various campaigns and subscription lists, view new opt-ins, keep track of messages delivered, and view your costs online. Implementing a SMS/text campaign has never been easier.

So give us a call today at (504) 875-2225 or use our contact form if you would like to learn more about our SMS marketing platform and how your particular business could implement this highly effective low-cost marketing strategy. We're sure that after you try our SMS/text messaging platform and see the results to your business, the only regret you will have is not trying it sooner.

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