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New Orleans Web Design Company

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New Orleans Web Design & Development by Touch Point

New Orleans web design company Touch Point Digital Marketing Agency

New Orleans Web Design Company

We don’t have to tell you that the Internet is now the primary means of locating information today. It is the default method that most people use to search for products, services, and businesses. So naturally, it’s crucial that your New Orleans small business is represented online. Having a website not only provides potential customers with a method to learn more about your company and services, but it also allows you to effectively market your business 24/7. So if your business does not yet have a website, we’d love to help you, because we specialize in web design for New Orleans area businesses.

Our web design process begins with understanding more about you and your business, your target market and your goals, then working to effectively translate those things into an attractive online presence. We believe that your website will probably be the first impression that a potential customer will have of your business, so it should create a great one. We believe that your website should be unique just like your business and it shouldn’t look like everyone else’s. And we believe that your website should be modern, clean, easy to use, and ultimately convert site visitors into customers. Our goal is not to simply build a new website for you but to create something that becomes a primary method for attracting new customers and growing your New Orleans business. And because we are a New Orleans web design company, we understand the market, and we are also only a phone call away for any questions or to meet with you one-on-one. Of course, all of our web design services are available to your company regardless where you are located.

Website Redesign

If your business already has a website, we offer redesign services. Your website is the face of your company online and it establishes an image of your business for potential customers. But just like anything else in technology, websites become outdated. Having a modern and attractive website that features the latest in design and technology will go a long way in creating that critical first impression of your business and set you apart from your New Orleans or national competitors. Our design team can take the content from your existing website, update the design and also the content if you desire, and then turn them into an eye-catching representation of your brand online. So instead of simply “existing” online, your website now becomes your most powerful marketing tool.

Along with web design services, we also offer search engine optimization, local SEO, and free website analysis. Or maybe your business would benefit greatly from a responsive website design or a mobile website. Give us a call at (504) 875-2225 or use our contact form and we’ll be glad to discuss your project with you and help your decide what’s the best route to take for your particular business. We’re confident that with the combination of our web design skills, our commitment to great customer service, and our fair prices, we can create an attractive website that will continually pay dividends for your New Orleans business.

Recent Web Design Work

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    David Tompkins Photography

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  • Web design for New Orleans florist Ambrose Garden

    Ambrose Garden Florists

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  • Website designed for Gree Grass Chemical Lawncare, a New Orleans area company

    Green Grass Lawn Care

    Web site design & SEO

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  • Website designed for B & B Flooring Warehouse, a New Orleans flooring store

    B & B Flooring

    Web site design & SEO

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We're a digital marketing agency based in New Orleans and our focus is on helping small businesses increase their business through effective digital marketing strategies.
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