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Mobile Web Site Design

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Is your web site mobile-friendly? It can be if you have a mobile web site.

Mobile Web Site Design

In 2012, more smartphones were purchased in the U.S. than personal computers. In fact, there are more mobile devices in the U.S. now than people. According to The Nielson Company, 57% of all smartphone users regularly use their device to connect to the internet, and Google reports that 15% of all Google queries come from mobile devices.

What all of this means for your business is that right now, some your customers and potential customers are visiting your web site through their mobile devices. The question is: What kind of experience are they having when they do?

If your web site hasn't yet been optimized for mobile devices, then more than likely the experience for mobile visitors has unfortunately been frustrating and annoying. A site designed to be viewed on a desktop PC takes much longer to load on a mobile phone. An even bigger problem is that the text and content on the site is very difficult to view on a mobile phone. A visitor will have to pinch and zoom just to be able to read the text, then they must scroll vertically and horizontally, and finally, they have to attempt to click or tap on small links with their fingers. And if your web site uses Flash, it will not load at all on an iPhone. If this is the experience of your mobile visitors, research shows that they will abandon your site and turn to a competitor's and they won't return to yours.

These are exactly the reasons why your business should consider building a mobile web site. This is especially true if your business depends upon walk-in traffic or provides services, businesses that people tend to search for with their mobile phone. You can take heart in the fact that a mobile web site is relatively inexpensive to have developed, it will work on practically every mobile phone and operating system, and it can be set up so that a visitor will automatically be redirected to it if they are connecting to your web site on a mobile device. So give us a call at (504) 875-2225 or contact us. We would love to learn more about your business and then provide some suggestions on how your business can take advantage of this unique and highly effective marketing channel known as mobile.

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