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Mobile Coupons

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Mobile coupons are the new, highly effective way to attract customers.

Mobile coupon being redeemed.  Photo courtesy of blogs.starbucks.com

Everybody loves a great deal, and especially is that true right now in this present economic climate. So to capitalize on consumer demand for savings, many businesses use coupons. Coupons can be a great way to attract new customers, persuade existing customers to try a new product or service, and in general increase sales and promote customer loyalty. But printing and distributing coupons is not cheap, and there is no guarantee that everyone in your target market will see your coupon, let alone clip it, carry it, and redeem it.

Mobile coupons offer a far superior means of distributing coupons and delivering results. A mobile coupon, by definition, is a coupon that can be sent to and stored on a mobile device. By delivering a coupon through today's favored medium, you can be confident that your coupon will be seen by your target market. Because their mobile phone is always in close proximity, your coupon is always with your customer, ready for use. And if your business already uses coupons to increase sales, consider this: mobile coupons have redemption rates ten times higher than print coupons.

Distributing mobile coupons is relatively inexpensive. But the beauty of distributing a mobile coupon lies in its immediacy. Unlike traditional coupons, which require time for printing and distribution, mobile coupons can be designed and sent within minutes. Imagine being able to distribute a coupon and see its impact on your business that same day, within hours or even within minutes.

Some mobile coupons have redemption rates even higher than 100%. How is that possible? It's due to the next powerful point regarding mobile coupons: they have the ability to become viral. With the tap of a button on their mobile phone, a person can share the coupon with their friends and family. The result is that you reach new customers without any additional effort or cost. And because the coupon came from a trusted source, your brand becomes a trusted brand. If you wish, your mobile coupon could also include a bar code for scanning and limited redemptions. The possibilities and variables are all up to you.

As a business, you are constantly endeavoring to use your marketing budget efficiently to reach new customers and see tangible results. Mobile coupons allow you to do all of that. Implementing a mobile coupon campaign is extremely easy with our robust mobile coupon platform. We'll even let you try it out free for the first month. We are confident that you will see the tremendous benefits that mobile coupons can bring to your business. So give us a call or contact us today and see how mobile coupons can quickly help your business and your bottom line.

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