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New Orleans Local SEO

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New Orleans Local SEO services by Touch Point Digital Marketing

If your New Orleans business needs to attract local, walk-in customers, you need local SEO.

New Orleans Local SEO Services

The Internet has been one of the most important advancements in technology for business. Businesses large and small now have the ability to market their products and services to a global audience. But a global concept may not work for your business, especially if it’s a local business. And if that’s the case, your New Orleans business wants and needs to attract local New Orleans customers.

Beginning in 2008, Google introduced blended search results which included local business listings on the very first page of search results. So a person searching Google for, say, a pizza restaurant or a plumber would see local area businesses instead of listings for pizza restaurants and plumbers from across the country. Yahoo and Bing now do the same as well. Below is an example of what we’re referring to. The areas we've highlighted in light blue are the local search results.

As you can see, businesses that are local for the searcher are listed very prominently in the first page of search results. This is how most people today will discover your business when doing a search online or on their mobile phone, and this is where your business needs to be listed and seen. Even businesses without a web site can appear and rank high in local search results. But being listed in this prime real estate area of someone’s screen does not happen automatically nor easily. That’s why your local New Orleans business needs New Orleans Local SEO.

Local SEO (or local search engine optimization) involves utilizing strategies that help your business obtain a higher ranking in local search results. It helps expose your business to the people who will use it—local customers. We at Touch Point focus on helping small, local New Orleans area businesses and we know how to help your business become more visible to local customers with our Local SEO services. So give us a call at (504) 875-2225 or contact us and ask us more about our New Orleans Local SEO services and how they could help your business. We have helped many local businesses in the greater New Orleans achieve high rankings in local search results, leading to more phone calls, more walk-in customers, and more business. And now we’d love to help yours.

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